Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Change/Hide your IP address(Mozilla,Chrome,Internet Explorer,Opera)

You can use a lot of programs to protect your privacy online.
Before we started i suggest that you use this link to find some free proxy list, to have IP and ports


Change IP in Mozilla Firefox

Go to Tools-> Options, under options select Advanced, go to Settings, select Manual proxy configuration  and key in the new proxy ip and port.

Change IP in Google Chrome:

First open Tools->Options find Under the bonnet, the select Network, got to Change proxy settings, then go to LAN settings, then Use a proxy server, Advanced, HTTP

Change IP in Internet Explorer:

Go to Tools->Internet options, go to Connections, then select LAN settings, go to Use a proxy server, go to Advanced, select HTTP

Change IP in Opera:

Go to Tools, select Preferences, go to Advanced, then select Network.  

Alternatively you can view the video tutorial at:


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  2. The best way to hide your IP is to build an elite proxy. You can build your own through a hosting company that offers Linux VPS hosting for about 15 bucks a month. I won't walk through the process here, but you can google and find what you need. Takes about 15-20 minutes to set it up with a low degree of difficulty. Forget about all the free proxy IPs you see out there... they're worthless and not anonymous since your IP can be leaked very easily with these. Once you create your elite proxy IP, plug it in firefox, utorrent or whatever and your good to go.

    But just remember one thing... Just because you're surfing the net anonymously doesn't mean that you can get away with doing illegal things. The hosting company doesn't snoop around in your server, but the IP address they rent to you belongs to them. So if you're trying to do illegal things while using their servers and their IP address, they're not going to be happy. Worst case is they ask you to leave.. just move on to another host. This is the best and only way to truly hide your IP.later check in whether it has been hidden with proxy

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