Thursday, 30 May 2013

How To ALWAYS Find Girls On Omegle(works 100%)

Omegle is a popular video chat service for random chat with online girls and guys.

But the thing is it is hard to find girls on omegle. Luckily if you found any girl, she leaves immediately after seeing you. For such guys i have a trick here that works,S


1.You can either create a new facebook profile or rework an existing one

2.Now you have to edit/create your Facebook profile. You have to fill your interests similar to girls. For example, Girls like artisits like Justin bieber, movies like Notebook,P.S.I love You and books like the Twilight series.So it is better to create a new account and the trick becomes easier

3. Go to and tick the "Use my Facebook likes" link. You have to allow omegle to access your Facebook information. Now omegle matches your likes and interests with other random users. So chances of getting females are higher.


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